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Technology :: Antenna types for satellite reception

Multibeam Antenna
WaveFrontier Toroidal antenna

TOROIDAL dual reflector antenna is similar to Gregorian reflector in shape, but the basic formula differs from it. The sub-reflector of Toroidal antenna is from a virtual toroid, but the main reflector is analogous to an ellipsoid. There is no parabolic formula. This system has a convex - concave sub-reflector. This sub-reflector is convex in one plane and concave in orthogonal plane. The complete shape of them are obtained through elaborate mathematical and physical calculation.

Source: Wave Frontier Co.

There are two versions of the WaveFrontier Toroidal antenna: T55 and T90
Look in the SatLex gallery for more pictures of WaveFrontier Toroidal antennas!

Further multibeam antenna types:

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Variosat (7 satellites)

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